Don’t get bogged down and waste your time doing the administrative tasks. Do what will help you gain more business and make more money - go out and prospect and work with your clients and let me handle the transaction!

What will I do for you?
*Verify that all required signatures and initials are on the contract and addenda.
*Verify that all required addenda are included with the contract.
*Open file with the escrow or title company; Open and update the title search.
*Send copies of the contract to the other agent, buyer, seller, and lender (as directed by agent).
*Upload documents for shared viewing.
*Send deadline reminders as needed throughout the transaction.
*Follow up with the escrow company, lender, and other agent as needed. Keep agent informed of those communications.
*Ensure that all paperwork is provided to all parties.
*Follow up with the escrow or title company as the closing date approaches and make sure the closing statement is correct, and that all parties are ready to close in time.
*If the agent represents the seller, send reminders to remove the lockbox, sign, and change status in MLS to “sold” at closing.
*Upon closing, notify all parties.
*Thirty days after closing, remind the agent to touch base with his or her former client.